All tools you need to direct a live sports events. VMix 4K or Pro is required for Replays.
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Easy operation for your Calls. Multi view controls and much more !
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Enhance your live shows with this powerfull tool including a SetList for lower graphics.
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The Softkeys Customized System includes:

  • Use your own preset
  • Software with your Company logo
  • Full support
  • We build together
  • Choose your native language.
  • Out-of-the-box Alternative.

We understand you have many different setups and presets, depending of what live show you are about to present. Softkey Custom software is software developed specific to your organization, such as commercial off-the-shelf software. Working together with our team to produce a solution that fit your exact needs. To make everything simple to manage, this customized solution might be the right investment to produce and effective live show.

The Softkeys Surface Control is already in use in several events around the world, helping producers and directors to operate their favourite switcher software.
The Softkey Software is able to integrate two or more Switcher in a single touch screen. Producers can use an Blackmagic ATEM for Cameras inputs and all Graphics, overlays and videos playing on your VMix or OBS Software all togheter in a single touch application.
This integration is build upon request at the moment and soon we will be launching a free trial. Sent us a request to get the alert when it's available.'


The Softkeys Customized Solution for Sports Events is able to read and delivery any external API. This is very usefull when there's an external Scoring System to be added on the graphics package.